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You deserve help from a personal injury attorney! When you are injured by another's negligence (carelessness), you deserve compensation.

For medical bills. For lost wages. For your pain and suffering.

The insurance companies are not in the business of fair compensation for your injuries. That is not their goal. Their goal is to maximize profit for their shareholders.

Talk to a skilled personal injury attorney. Have us evaluate your case prior to talking to any insurance agent or adjuster. Unlike them, we won't record your calls or conversations.

You'll get straight talk with us. And our consultations are free.

Personal Injury legal case histories from Bend Oregon lawyer Paul Heatherman

Our investigation revealed dozens of failed safety inspections

A 21-year old woman was a passenger in a small car. An 18-wheeler ran a red light in Bend and struck her car, crushing it. Our client was forced to have her spleen removed.

The trucking company maintained that losing a spleen was not a problem.

We filed suit. Despite our demands and even the demands of the court, the trucking company would not furnish information on their drivers' records.

After an exhaustive investigation, we discovered that the trucking company had failed dozens of safety inspections given by the Oregon Department of Transportation. Based on this data, we filed a motion for punitive damages, which the court granted. Soon afterwards, we were able to obtain a respectable settlement for our client.

Large sum gained for client after a fall

An elderly woman checked into a resort in Bend, Oregon. Her suite had a sunken living room that stepped down from the entryway. There was no sign, no lighting, and no warning from the front desk or bell hop about a step down in her suite. She walked in, fell over the step and shattered her knee on the edge of a desk.

The hotel (backed by the insurance company) refused to pay anything.

After filing suit, we conducted a thorough investigation, which revealed that another elderly lady had fallen 10 years earlier in the next room, in the same manner, which caused her to lose her eye.

At trial, we requested that the court allow evidence of the prior accident in the other room to get to the jury. The opponent objected, and we prevailed.

On the second day of trial, the hotel finally settled for a large sum for our client.