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You, not the IRS or the courts, are entitled to exercise as much control over your estate as possible.

Place your trust in Paul Heatherman, a skilled Wills & Trusts attorney.

Estate planning means you set up your will, living trusts, and the transfer of deeds to your heirs.

We will help you with the following concerns and more:

How do I...
• Avoid the cost and hassles of probate?
• Plan for incapacity?
• Arrange to manage my health care decisions?
• Address concerns about distributions to my children?
• Ensure a good will?
• Avoid the pitfalls of probate law?

You owe it to yourself and your family to stop the worry and start your estate planning. We'll make it simple to secure a future for your loved ones. All of this can be handled headache-free and relatively quickly. Do not rely on Internet wills or trusts - it's too risky.

What is Power of Attorney?

A Will Doesn't Avoid Probate, A Living Will Can.

Family Trust: Types and Advantages of Trustees

Family Trust: The Blended Family Trust

Work with a Down-to-Earth Wills and Trusts Attorney in Bend, Oregon 

Trusts can protect your wealth from costly matters like probate or a conservatorship.

Regardless of how much you have in assets, we can help you set up the legalities to distribute your property to your heirs in the way you desire.

Wills and Trusts can be a simple and quick process. The end results give you peace of mind. Having your affairs in order is a great comfort.

  • Estate Planning legal case histories from Paul Heatherman

    Lifetime Gifts, In-Home Care Directive and More

    An elderly couple presented us with a copy of their living trust. They thought their financial affairs were in order so that they would avoid a costly and lengthy court probate.

    Paul Heatherman discovered that some of their assets, in the form of notes receivable, had not been placed into the trust. So we corrected the problem. Because they had well over $1,000,000 in assets, Paul advised them to make lifetime gifts, and they did, which saved them from paying up to 55% in death taxes.

    Paul also amended their trust to include provisions for in-home care and made their wishes clear that if they become incapacitated, they were to be cared for in their own homes, not a nursing home, to the maximum extent medically possible.

    To avoid having an unscrupulous relative try to get them declared incapacitated in order to take over their assets, we made it clear that not one but two family doctors had to declare that they were incapacitated before they would lose control of the trust assets.

  • Establishing a Trustee for Son's Inheritance

    A widow came into our office and presented us with her will. She was concerned about her son, who was likely to be irresponsible with any proceeds and would probably spend his inheritance foolishly.

    Paul Heatherman drafted a trust that put the proceeds into the care of a responsible trustee, who would not distribute money to the son unless he entered college and progressed with his studies.