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Whether your business is retail, construction, real estate or a partnership, you should expect only the best advice from your business law firm. Paul Heatherman has skillfully served business people in Bend Oregon for three decades. We serve businesses of all sizes.

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Questions You May Have

1. Is there a business attorney in Bend, Oregon who is fast and responsive?
2. How do I know if I need a LLC?
3. How do I know if I need an S-Corp?
4. How do I proceed if my partner isn’t doing his or her fair share?
5. How do I translate the essence of this 30-page commercial lease?
6. How do I buy this business without buying its problems?

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Attorney Paul Heatherman has owned and operated other businesses in Bend, Oregon for several years. He understands business law and business sense, a great advantage to you and your case.

Business Law Case Histories

Paul Heatherman Achieves Sanctions and Judgment
Against Client's Business Partner.

Paul Heatherman represented a client who owned a strip mall with a business partner. The partner had embezzled funds, closed the company's bank account and opened a new checking account at a different bank – without the other partner's name on the account. Finally, the partner removed Paul's client's name as co-owner at the Corporation Business Registry.

Paul sued the offending partner with various claims. In response, the partner filed various motions to buy time and to obstruct. But ultimately, based on the bad partner's failure to appear at depositions (twice), Paul sought sanctions to skip the trial altogether and get a judgment imposed against the partner.

After a motion and hearing, the sanctions were allowed, and the court imposed a judgment against the defaulting partner. The judgment included an order that the defaulting partner not have access to any company checking and not interfere with the contracts and leases that were being managed by Paul's client.