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1. How do I know whether I need a land sale contract or a lease option agreement?

2. How do I stop my neighbor from fencing out a portion of my property?

3. How do I know if I have a legally enforceable sale agreement?

4. How do I evict the tenant if he won't pay the rent?
(Paul Heatherman is co-author of the Oregon Lawyers' Manual on eviction law in Oregon.)

5. How do I protect my rights when I draft or sign a lease?

6. What expenses must I pay or not pay at closing?

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  • Real Estate legal case histories by Paul Heatherman

    New neighbor claims ownership of half a horse pasture

    A couple owned 10 acres near Sisters, Oregon. Their neighbor sold their property, and a new buyer from Portland moved in and soon claimed that he owned one-half of our clients' horse pasture. The new owner filed suit for the property, claiming that because he and the previous owner had shared the pasture for over 10 years, he has the right to adversely claim it as his own.

    At trial, the neighbor and his witnesses testified first. When they were done, we aggressively filed a motion for a directed verdict, arguing to the court that the opponent had not proved his case and that we should win even without putting our client or witnesses on the stand. (This also lowered the client's legal costs.)

    The judge looked at the opponent's counsel and "strongly suggested" that he settle this case. Both parties took an immediate recess, and the case was settled with the opponent paying a generous sum to our client to purchase the pasture.