Construction Law

Contruction Law Attorney & Bend Oregon Lawyer

Contractors - You expect prompt payment for your hard labor and good workmanship.

HomeownersYou expect the job will be done in a timely fashion to quality standards.

Have us read the contract. Have us negotiate your rights and remedies in advance should the unexpected happen.

Construction (homeowner)

1. How do I ensure the job gets completed?
2. How can I force the builder to remedy code violations, cosmetic problems or both?
3. How do I know whether or when to contact the Construction Contractor's Board?
4. How do I help ensure that the homeowner will reimburse my attorney fees and court costs, if I am forced to sue for payment?

Construction (contractor)

1. How do I ensure homeowners pay me?
2. How do I preserve my lien rights?
3. How should I proceed if this has to go to court, should I request a trial or an arbitration?
4. How do I handle homeowner warranty issues?

A note to contractors:

You can't succeed unless the homeowner pays you. We can help review your contract and protect your business by guiding you through the lien process.

Construction Law Case Histories from Bend Oregon Attorney Paul Heatherman

Paul Heatherman saves a builder tens of thousands.

Paul Heatherman represented a builder who was being sued by a homeowner for large damages, most of which were fake and inflated.

Based on the attorney that the opposing homeowners had hired, Paul advised the builder-client that the case would be expensive and drawn-out.

After much effort, Paul convinced his client's insurance company to provide a free litigation attorney (not easy because the policy generally did not cover the type of damages that the homeowner alleged).

With the free attorney provided to his client, Paul was able to get all the parties together in an all-day mediation session.

Paul successfully suggested a highly experienced mediator from Portland, who was also very knowledgeable in construction law.

Paul worked with the insurance company lawyer to persuade the insurance company to come up with the funds to fuel a settlement.

After much venting and posturing, the case got settled in mediation, and the insurance company paid for most of it. Paul Heatherman saved his builder-client tens of thousands of dollars.