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bend business lawyers bend oregon business attorneys
bend business lawyers bend oregon business attorneys
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Paul Heatherman - bend oregon bankruptcy attorney Stop Foreclosure!

Over 500 bankruptcies successfully filed.


Let Us Help You Stop a Foreclosure.

Oregon bankruptcy laws may benefit you by facilitating postponement of the foreclosure process.

You may be able to stop a foreclosure by filing a Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Before taking the bankruptcy route, check with us to see whether a loan modification is the right first step. A loan modification is where your current lender modifies the terms of your current mortgage with the goal of providing terms that will work for you.

Let Us Help You Restart Your Finances.

You might be getting threatening phone calls and letters from harassing creditors. Today, creditors are more aggressive than ever. Once the Bankruptcy petition is filed, we immediately notify the creditors. You will have an protective bankruptcy lawyer on your side! The Bankruptcy Court issues an Automatic Stay, meaning that the creditors can no longer contact you. We take care of the paperwork, advise, and attend all Bankruptcy related hearings with you. Call us for a consultation.

A note about Oregon Judicial Foreclosures:

Because many homeowners were blocking "non-judicial foreclosures," which are foreclosures that take place out of court, most lenders have now switched to "judicial foreclosures," or foreclosures by way of a lawsuit, in Oregon. In a judicial foreclosure, there is a lawsuit, the homeowner gets served with it, they are required to file an answer in a timely fashion, and there is potentially a trial. If anyone who suspects lender wrongdoing in the collection or foreclosure process gets served with a lawsuit from the bank (judicial foreclosure), strict time deadlines apply and they should see an attorney immediately.

The other danger about judicial foreclosures in Oregon is that, unlike non-judicial foreclosures, if the borrower no longer lives on the property then the bank can see a deficiency judgment against the borrower, which is the difference between the mortgage balance and the sale price at the time of the foreclosure. With upside-down homes this deficiency could be huge. In some cases, the only way out of this deficiency would be a bankruptcy.

Now more than ever, if you are in a distressed mortgage situation, seriously consider legal advice prior to any foreclosure action.

Not just bankruptcy expertise.
Know your Short Sale and Foreclosure options.
See additional information about bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy - Get your questions answered

Bankruptcy and Foreclosure - How I can help.

Don't feel demeaned. Make the choice to feel empowered and proactive. Choose our bankruptcy attorneys for your trusted, confidential representation, rock-steady negotiations, and your bankruptcy filing. Take the first step toward a fresh start and a new beginning.

Call today, and visit our convenient Bend, Oregon law office.

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bend business lawyers bend oregon business attorneys
bend oregon business lawyers bend business attorneys